Circus Barker.

The fat man was shouting/ laughing/ singing in a boastful voice that was loud enough to be heard but at the same time pleasant to listen to. He was having a dialogue with a rather large woman in red dress who held a baby wrapped in blue (that signified it was a boy) and was an old woman, presumably her mother. “Come one, come all,” chanted the fat man on the podium, shaking his cane in the air heartily. “Come see our shows and have the time of your lives while this wonderful circus still thrives. Because, if you don’t you’ll be outta luck and your friends’ll call you a big, dumb cluck!”

“Where can we see all of these marvelous things you have promised to show us, My Good Man?” asked the woman in red, jostling her baby back and forth in her cradled arms as it laughed and gurgled happily. She didn’t appear to be putting much stock in what the man said.


            “Why, madam, to answer your question would be very simple. Now, if you would please loosen the knot in your wimple, that is making you so hard of hearing, step right into the line and all will be fine! And, for goodness gracious, do not sing, if you’d please; for, as the old saying goes, in doing so, you would bring on the end of our Grand Show!” he replied.


            “What?” asked the woman in red, not understanding the last part of the man’s speech A man in the crowd, considerably far away from where she was standing, clapped his hands to either side of his mouth and yelled, “What he means is: `It ain’t over until the fat lady sings,’ you old cow! If you were to sing, they’d have to cancel their show because that’s what tradition says they should

do!” She ignored that.


            “Well, is it as good as sermon in church?” asked the old woman while her daughter looked back and forth through the crowd to see if she could spot whoever insulted her.


            “Why, madam, it would be a sin to say thus, but so you will not fuss, I’ll say this: while it may not be as enriching for the soul as that most hallowed hall, the things that you can do here you won’t forget (without regret); things that your pastor will not like at all!” he punned. At this many people, including the woman in red and her mother, laughed at and most of them stepped foot in the line while the fat man turned his attention gravely to Athens and Bleach as they pulled over alongside of him (in their car).


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